• Laks frå Solund

    Ei dynamisk og spanande næring med vilje til å skape verdiar for lokalsamfunnet


The coastal areas have great potential for seafood production. It is important that this production takes place within what the environment can tolerate. At the same time, one must not forget that fish are living fragile creatures. Sulefisk AS works continuously to maintain sustainable and healthy development in the company.

Fish welfare

Sulefisk places great emphasis on good fish welfare. With underwater cameras in all the cages at the five Sulefisk locations, we have the opportunity to monitor our fish 24 hours a day. The camera has built-in sensors that measure temperature and oxygen saturation in the cage.

Smolt production

Fresh and viable hatchery fish are the basis for a successful production result of the food fish. Smolt production is an exciting process that requires a lot of knowledge in both technology and biology. Sol Smolt AS regularly delivers its smolt production to Sulefisk’s food fish farms.

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